USB Microcontroller Programmers and Laptop RAM

After wasting a lot of time, I finally made the OpenProg. The whole deal was much easier because I had already built the USBPICprog. OpenProg is not just another programmer, it will program Microchuip’s PIC micro-controllers, Atmel’s controller and read and write to EEPROMS.

Last month I got another 1Gb strip to the already outdated Compaq C770TU laptop. Things didn’t go very well as transcend now ships modules with 1Gbps chips instead of the older 512Mbps chips. So now my laptop randomly fails to boot unless I press some key. Here is a small video of me tweaking around with it.


Coming back to the programmers, I now have two of them. The USBPICProg one and the OpenProg. Although I have used my USBPICprog many times, I didn’t get a chance to use the new one. In the mean time, here is a picture of the two programmers mating 😉

USBPICPROG and OpenProg , OpenProg has got a USB type B connector while USBPICprog just has broken Sony phone data cable

The broken Sony Erricson USB cable was the only one available at the time I built USBPICPROG. On the OpenProg the USB type B is not sitting on the mainboard because of the difference pitch. OpenProg firmware was burned into the PIC18F4550 using USBPICPROG.

The Adapter board is used to program PICs, all of them 40, 28, 20, 18, 14 and 8pin.

The adapter board just allows to plugin all types of PICs into one single ZIF socket. More about both of these programmers will be coming in detailed posts.

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