PWM chip CG8010DX16 SMPS schematic and datasheet

A few days ago, one of the readers – Murugesh had commented asking for help to identify an IC he had with him. He sent a picture of it to me. I was not able to identify the IC on my own. I turned in to the amazing fellows at edaboard and got two correct answers within an hour. Thanks foes to those two wonderful people. Here is a link to the thread on edaboard.

Here is the picture Murugesh sent me (All the copy rights or copy lefts belong to Murugesh 😉 )

PWM chip photograph

PWM IC CG8010DX1 - SMPS chip used mainly for Desktop PCs

The IC turned out to be a PWM IC used for PC Switch mode power supplies. while composing the post on SMPS circuit diagrams, I had actually came across a circuit with this particular IC, but ignored for it being not so popular. But the guys at edaboard even posted a link to that circuit diagram.

Circuit diagram of PC SMPS using IC cg8010dx16


I have downloaded and attached the datasheet of IC CG8010DX16 – PWM controller.

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7 Responses to PWM chip CG8010DX16 SMPS schematic and datasheet

  1. fratie says:

    Hello! How can I change this scheme, which uses the controller: CG8010DX16 in order to adjust the voltage of 12 volts up to 13.2.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Ajith says:

      You can do this by increasing the value of R48 from 2001ohms upwards. This is the resistance that feeds back 12V rail to the error amps inside the IC. R48 is on right side near the top of the IC.

  2. sayyed says:

    dear sir pls give me detals
    abut it


  3. Ahmed Tarek says:

    can this IC convert 48 volt to 12 volt and resisit high ampere (10 A)

    • Ajith says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      you can, but please note the maximum input voltage of the controller TL494. You will have to design a circuit based on the guide from TI.

  4. posian says:

    I found this Ic (CG8010DX16) as the pwm in a ‘rated’ 450W atx power supply; what I want to point out is that I found another power supply with the same circuit layout (identically) that uses a different Ic called ‘HS8110’, that I suppose it is compatible with CG8010; I found that is compatible with WT7520, and, if I look in datasheet, indeed it has same protections; I could not find the datasheet for ‘HS8110’: (translate it with google chrome)

  5. miftah says:

    hi sir. how to converting +12v to 24v. please help..thanks

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