Through these years, many people have helped me to gain the small amount of knowledge I now have. I am grateful to all those wonderful people.

Theses are the electronic part manufacturers who have send me their samples. Thank you guys for your generous help. I will always buy your parts whenever I can get my hands on some.

1.Analog DevicesAnalog concentrates mainly on data conversion and signal conditioning products. Go checkout thier product range.
2.IntersilSpecializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors.
3.Linear TechnologyDesigns and manufactures standard high performance integrated circuits.
4.MaximDesigns and manufactures analog and mixed-signal engineering solutions.
5.MicrochipManufacturer of microcontroller (PIC), memory and analog semiconductors.
6.Texas InstrumentsProducer of digital signal processors (DSPs), analog semiconductors and many more ICs.

Here is a list of people, websites that I have benefited from. I have added a small description where ever possible. Go to those web sites, read what they have shared, support them and one day start a blog or something like that and let others know what you have learned.

Take something, give everything!

David L. JonesEEVblogOne of the many gods in Electronic circuit/product development. His enthusiasm is highly contageous.
Tony Van RoonTony Van RoonOne of the very first web sites I got addicted to.
EDAboardEDABoardGood forum where I am "eXnol".
MicrochipMicrochip ForumForum at Microchip. It's in a low phase as of Aug 2010.