Hi there, welcome to EEJournal. This is a place where I(Ajith) share my journey through the wonderful world of electronics. I started doing electronic projects at about 13, but haven’t made much progress in a decade or so. Mainly due to my laziness and partly due to the place where I live.

After sitting back being lazy as a bone, I have decided to start out on electronics fresh.  Dave from EEVBlog, edaboard and many other amazing hobbyists and professionals who have a passion for electronics and who publish on many web site have been a great inspiration for me. Everyone (those I can remember) who has helped me with their websites have been added in the links section.

This is a journal, hence you can read things as I find them out. Being a noob, please expect me to make errors. Comment on the relevant page if you find me wrong. You will get free good karma for it 😉 If you would like to contact me please use the contact page. I run another technology blog, named Simple Informations too.

– Ajith

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